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After a long silent run, UBOOT is finally resurfacing

And you can see it here with your own eyes...

The game that uses a 3D model for the board and claims to be a real-time submarine simulator. A fully co-operative game with an authentic chain of command implemented both to organize the crew, but also to tackle the alpha player problem of co-ops. By officially putting a single player in charge and limiting his time to take decisions with real-time gameplay, UBOOT attempts to deliver a new approach to realism in commanding a fighting unit. The truth being that the captain cannot achieve much without the remaining players, who also need time to prepare themselves (and their subordinates!) to be able to carry out the issued orders. With four totally asymmetrical roles, each working within its own field of expertise, being the captain requires efficient advance planning and excellent leadership skills. And did I mention elements of real navigation (things like courses and approach angles) that actually affect torpedo attack outcomes? And no, there are no dice in this game. But then again, it has its very own companion app...


...which does a variety of different things. From generating the theatre of operations in real time, to gyroscope-enhanced first-person view (allowing you to take a peek through the observers’ binoculars, or the periscope). The app also features dynamic enemy AI, so when escort vessels catch you sneaking up on a convoy, you’d better dive in time! What is more, the app has all the sound effects you would expect from a submarine simulator: the alarms, torpedoes firing, messages from the HQ… And yes, they even went as far as recording all the crew dialogue in German!


Therefore, while we're not exactly sure how to categorize this game, (a euro, a wargame, or a daydream of a twisted submarine fanatic), then one thing is certain: we will be running demos at booth 2B106 all throughout Essen SPIEL. If you’re interested in submarines, then you probably don’t want to miss it.      

Hope to see you there!

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