About Us

Our Story

Before the idea of PHALANX even sprang to our minds, we were brought together by our shared passion for board games and history, a passion that only grew stronger over the years. We started publishing games in 2009 and marked our presence with the superb Polish edition of Discworld: Ankh-Morpork. Our first major breakthrough came with the publishing of 1944: Race to the Rhine on the 70th anniversary of the events depicted in this unique logistics-oriented game.

When searching for new ideas and new ventures, we’re always driven by our passion for games and especially history – this is why 1944: Race to the Rhine came to be and this is why numerous other games came into being since then. Therefore, our work with creating Polish editions of games such as outstandingly beautiful Scythe and masterful Brass: Birmingham, is always intertwined with forays into the realm of wargames and generally more-historically oriented titles.

In 2018, with Hannibal & Hamilcar: Rome vs. Carthage (and recently Fire in the Sky) we’ve proved that with a little bit of love and polish any game can gain a completely new life and bring new players to the gaming community. A year later, with UBOOT: The Board Game, we’ve shown that merging hands-on tabletop gaming with a digital app can create an exceptionally deep immersive experience. That same year we also started a partnership with Martin Wallace which resulted in the creation of fan-favorite Nanty Narking and later Rocketmen.


Our Team

First and foremost, we are a close-knit group of people bound together by our profound love for board games. We don’t just work together, we form close friendships, play new games together, support one another and share new ideas and concepts essential in bringing various projects to fruition, to our own – and hopefully yours too – satisfaction and joy.


Our Goals

We aim to create beautiful and immersive games, fun & relaxing, but also helpful in understanding history and how various events came together to form it. We want to design games that allow you to not just recreate what happened in the past, but also explore the “what-ifs” and construct alternate yet believable visions of history. At the same time we never forget about the educational value of our games.

We’re also interested in sharing some of the lesser known themes and settings with you, and developing new games by promising first-time designers. This is why we’ve opened the Make Games Happen program which allows us to measure your interest in any given project, and give new designers a way to present their work with a larger community.