Welcome to the Industrial Revolution! Lead your fast-growing business enterprise, build and develop new industries, multiply your income and don’t get distracted by your rivals. Show everyone you are the real deal!

Award-winning Brass: Birmingham, a sequel to Brass and yet another masterpiece by Martin Wallace, is available on Steam in Early Access! Brass: Birmingham is one of the best board games in history and if you haven’t had a chance to experience it, now is the perfect time to do so!

Why is the digital edition of Brass: Brimingham available in Early Access? We care a great deal about product quality and we would like your support in finding all the problems, bugs and glitches connected with this digital edition, as well as your suggestions concerning the gameplay and the AI quality. We need your support in order to make this game better.

If this is your first time with Brass: Brimingham, here’s a quick summary of what it’s all about.

Brass: Birmingham takes you back in time again, when a knack for strategic thinking fueled by gut instinct could sketch biographies of the likes of Friedrich Krupp or Richard Arkwright. Will you manage to follow in the footsteps of mighty industrialists from the era of iron and steam power?

Use your resources. Extract coal from the nearest mines to create new canal or rail links and industries. Supply iron from the surrounding ironworks to develop old industries and build new ones. Entice your clients with beer to more easily sell the fruits of your labor.

Develop the industry. Play appropriate cards and resources to build new coal mines and ironworks as well as cotton mills, breweries, potteries and manufactories. Discard cards to enhance your technological base and build even better and more profitable industries.

Be the best. Show you have a true flair for business during two distinct historical eras of Industrial Revolution, the canal era and the rail era, and achieve the ultimate victory by selling all your products and linking the greatest number of industries and merchant towns together.

Are you going to be the best? Test yourself and your skills in Brass: Birmingham!

UPDATE #1: v1.1.485 – Bugfixing update 1 (2/07/2021)

– Fixed tutorial freeze
– Fixed Nuneaton industries layout
– Fixed game stuck in zoomed into a city
– Fixed overbuilding
– Fixed few minor UI layout fixups
– Added exit to menu popup

UPDATE #2: v1.1.496 – Bugfixing update 2 (5/07/2021)

– Fixed the problem with building link in last turn
– Added clarification of one industry per region limitation in Canal era
– Fixed the scenario when one Iron is taken from AI industry and one from Market
– Fixed wrong income of Coal Mine level 2
– Fixed the issue with building level 4 Coal Mine and Iron Works
– Fixed the issue when user get stuck in “connecting” screen when entering online game
– Fixed the issue with pooling online game events when user exited online game
– Fixed the issue with replay starting from turn 1 in network game

UPDATE #3: v1.1.504 – Bugfixing update 3 (11/07/2021)

Bugfix: Couldn’t build level 3 pottery bug
Bugfix: Coal consumption bug where all coal mines were available rather than the closest
Bugfix: Unable to start game
Bugfix: Unable to choose more than one iron from iron works
Bugfix: Can’t click Stone during tutorial
Bugfix: Improved network game list load time
New: Add faster online game times
New: Add scrollbar for network game list

UPDATE #4: v1.1.512 – Bugfixing update 4 (18/07/2021)

– Improvement: Delays when playing network game
– Improvement: Added user bug reporting system
– Bugfix: Missing hyphens in region names
– Bugfix: Overbuilding in canal era can cause two industries in one region
– Bugfix: New game creation stuck
– Bugfix: Can’t overbuild in canal era

UPDATE #5: v1.1.512 – v1.1.514 – Bugfixing update 5 (20/07/2021)

– Bugfix: Can’t join online game
– Bugfix: Can’t save online game
– Bugfix: Can’t see version number

UPDATE #6: v1.1.522 – Bugfixing update 6 (25/07/2021)

Bugfix: AI freeze
Bugfix: Problem with consuming merchant beer
Bugfix: Overlapping text in tutorial
Bugfix: Wrong brewery name
Bugfix: Not enough cal where there is plenty
Bugfix: Can look at other players hand
New: Ability to see own cards while waiting for network player


UPDATE #7: v1.1.536 – Bugfixing update 7 (2/08/2021)

Bugfix: Can’t take the last coal from market
Bugfix: Sell that require two beers is allowed where there is only one on the board
Bugfix: Cards dissapear
Bugfix: Limit the number of links you can build
Bugfix: Missing connection icons on industry tiles
New: Added basic keyboard support

UPDATE #8: v1.1.542 – Bugfixing update 8 (16/08/2021)

Bugfix: Unable to sell twice to the same merchant
Bugfix: Wrong reasons for inability to sell
Bugfix: Invalid action description
Bugfix: No VP awarded for selling to Shrewsbury
Bugfix: Double link action doesn’t allow to build certain links
New: Added information about remaining link token count

UPDATE #9: v1.1.546 – Bugfixing update 9 (23/08/2021)

Bugfix: You can play after game has ended
Bugfix: Pool of links should be renewed at the end of era
New: Added night map as option
New: Added option to review game situation after game has ended
New: Added volume sliders instead of toggles