For King and Country! Vive L’Empereur!

What’s better than a Napoleonic-themed board game with a set of beautiful miniatures? Two Napoleonic-themed board games with one set of miniatures for both games! Huzzah!

And that is exactly what we’re going to offer you in our revamped, new and even larger Coalitions Kickstarter campaign, a campaign coming to you on June 16th!

Yes, we’ve changed the starting date – and not just because of the new game… During playtesting of the Coalitions, we’ve discovered an exciting new game mechanic, one that can be summarized by just four words: no time for downtime 😉 But to develop “no time for downtime” to its full potential we just need a bit more… yes, you’ve guessed it and yes, it’s ironic… time.

Now, you’re probably familiar with Coalitions. It’s essentially a light, euro-like game for 1 to 6 players. The rules are simple, there are no dice, and there’s a lot of diplomacy and backstabbing involved. It’s got a great solo/co-op module, where you alone or you and one or two of your friends will have to defeat Napoleon and his mighty French Empire.

What you probably didn’t hear about was Pursuit of Victory. It’s something different, something heavier, but not too heavy and not too long, and most importantly: it’s for two players only. Pursuit of Victory is strictly about the Napoleonic Wars and it’s an original approach to the strategic aspect of the 1805-1815 conflict seen solely through French and British eyes. You won’t have to worry about an ally stabbing you in the back, this time you’ll “only” have to contend with the Corsican Ogre or Perfidious Albion. No big deal, right? 😉

And that set of miniatures? Well, not only does it work for both games, but you can also buy it separately, to use in 28mm wargaming or historical dioramas, as each miniature represents either a monarch or a general of one of the six armies.

 As you can see there’ll be a lot more to Coalitions Kickstarter campaign than just Coalitions. More details coming soon, so stay tuned.