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The turmoil and bedlam of the Restorationist war between humans and the Old Ones left lands of the northern hemisphere poisoned, barren and uncultivable. Famines and droughts ravishing whole continents forced those who survived to move and set up new harbors and outposts in Australia. Little did they know that remnants of their former enemy - forces from beyond time and space along with their human collaborators – have settled within the Australian outback. The unfathomable evil is lurking at the threshold… again.


AuZtralia, whose theme has been based on Martin Wallace’s A Study In Emerald, as a cooperative time-track strategy forces you to develop a whole infrastructure of railroads and farms which serve as a means of coming into possession of natural resources. These, in turn, further your entrepreneurship by allowing you to employ various military units that are going to participate in battles with the Old Ones’ forces. Here, time is the most valuable commodity, so make sure your decisions are as timely and profitable as possible. Bear in mind that each of your actions nears you to the inevitable return of the enemy!


The game combines exploration and network building mechanisms with a touch of resource management and card-drawn military skirmishes and combats. It is a tasty, leveled morsel which serves its purpose as a strategy lesson for those who are about to take their first steps into the land of tactics as well as a charming interlude for veteran gamers. So gather up your pack of the most fearless and experienced daredevils accompanied with boldest volunteers to face the second wave of unimaginable thread looming large in the Australian plains. Make time to choke them back or die being choked on their untimely awakening!


Game Specifics:


Author: Martin Wallace

Number of Players: 1 - 4

Game time: 30 – 120 min

Age: 14+

Language: Polish


Game Components:


- 1 double-sided board game,

- 40 Old Ones cards,

- 4 double-sided player boards,

- 30 event cards,

- 4 wooden port markers,

- 10 solo mode cards goals,

- 90 wooden action cubes,

- 13 wooden discs,

- 25 military units tiles,

- 84 farm tiles,

- 43 Old Ones tiles,

- 80 railroad markers,

- 20 exploration tiles,

- 50 plastic coal pieces,

- 13 sanity tokens,

- 50 plastic iron pieces,

- 17 victory points tokens,

- 50 plastic gold pieces,

- 7 plastic phosphate pieces,

- 36 personality cards,

- 1 rule book,

- 1 purple disc.


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