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Coalitions is based on the series of conflicts known as the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Players, representing major European powers, compete against each other to shape the future of the Continent. The very innovative and elegant game system perfectly allows a historical recreation of the conflicts but, better yet, can also create very plausible alternative histories. The Alliances may take different forms, the campaigns may be fought along different lines of approach but what the players witness is still a very believable version of history.

Throughout the period, Britain formed coalitions with almost any nation that would stand against France. Whenever a coalition was defeated, Britain sought to form a new one with states that would carry on the fight. Nations also had other motives to fight wars, often seeking to expand their own borders at the cost of their neighbours. Britain itself fought the French in Portugal and Spain and, with almost total control of the sea, sent military expeditions wherever there was a chance of harassing the French. Can the Emperor of Austria protect the German Reich and Northern Italy from the Revolutionary Armies? Will the Prussian King and Russian Tsarina join as allies or not? Will the Ottoman Empire be able to protect Egypt, the Balkans and Caucasus from the aggressive neighbours?

When you play Coalitions, you decide the destiny of Europe; your decisions will make history. Will you guide France to greatness? Will you galvanize and unite Europe to bring an end to the infant republic and restore the Ancien Régime? Or maybe there is a Metternich in you, able to deceive others and bluff your way to victory with a cunning smile?

Players: 2-6
Playing time: 60-240 min
Age: 14+
Designer: Andrew Rourke
Artist: Bartek "bartosy1" JÄ™drzejewski


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