Days of Honor: Operation Wildhorn III

Status: Published

The setting: German occupied Poland, 1944. Beyond the reach of Allied intelligence and bomber commands, the Germans establish a secret facility, where a terrifying weapon is being tested. V-2, Hitler’s Wunderwaffe, a ballistic missile able to wipe London from the map and win the war, bringing Britain to her knees. But the deepest secrets of German war technology are revealed by the UK’s staunchest allies – the Poles…

Days of HONOR: Operation Wildhorn III is a fast paced tactical card wargame for 2 players.

The first player takes the role of the Polish commander. His goal is to collect fragments from rockets test-fired from the German missile base. The second player takes the role of the German commander, and is trying to protect the secrets of the rocket testing area.

The game lasts four turns. Each turn begins with a missile test, which scatters new fragments of the rocket in the peripheral area surrounding the testing ground. Players take turns, during which they place their units on the table and perform actions. Players use scouts to collect missile fragments, but they need to be protected by soldiers and partisans, because contact with the enemy can lead to combat. These actions are supported by the elite units of Poland and Germany: Polish Unseen and Silent commandos and German SS Stormtroopers, who are able to penetrate enemy lines. In addition, players build a network of command and support units, which allows them to carry out their actions more efficiently and effectively.

Players also affect the course of the game during their opponent’s moves, playing cards for immediate effects. And each side has a set of unique events (e.g., Germans can use their logistical advantages, while Poles can hide, and even evacuate rocket fragments to England!).

To determine combat and exploration results, players each use a 6-sided die, but they have many opportunities to modify the results, so a good plan should work even with bad luck.

At the end of the game, the player with more rocket parts wins. This means the player successfully stole (Polish) or concealed  (German) the secrets of the V-2 weapon.

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Number of Players: 2

Playing time: 30 minutes

Age: 12+

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