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Two armies facing each other, clashing in the name of ideals. Rifles firing, cannons blazing, infantry storming, cavalry charging, flags fluttering. Brother against brother, friend versus friend, neighbor contra neighbor – the blood will be shed, pain inflicted, suffering imposed. Finally, in the end, there will be triumph and glory. Prove your commanding skills and reenact or rewrite one of the most well-known civil wars in the history of mankind.


Lincoln is a fast-paced, point-to-point movement game of strategic calculations and tactical slyness. By performing actions form cards, Unionists and Confederates confront themselves trying to conquer and control enemy territories throughout three rounds. At the end of each round, the former have to end up with a certain amount of victory points in order to carry on. To claim victory, the latter, on the other hand, is bound to take the Washington or hold back Unionist’s offensives effectively enough to make them short of valuable victory points. The path to success is not a bed of roses though, as at the beginning of each new round both sides have to face the impairment of their freshly reshuffled card decks which splendidly depicts exhaustion of troops and the diminished willpower to continue the war.


Experience firsthand the minimalist design which accentuates the pure strategic spirit of the game. Immerse yourself in tactical intricacies and force your enemy to fall into a craftily prepared ambush. So put on your Hardee hat and prepare yourself for a fratricidal showdown of North vs South. American Civil War has never been so tactically charged!

Game specifics:


Author: Martin Wallace

Number of Players: 2

Age: 14+

Game Time: 90 – 120 min

Languages: Polish

Game components:


-1 colored board game,

-50 Confederates action cards,

-69 Unionist action cards,

-2 round wooden markers,

-18 control tiles,

-45 unit tiles,

-1 rule book,

-4 fort tiles.

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