My Little Scythe

Status: Published

Are you sick and tired of playing the same game for the 257-th time? Have the bantering with your fellow coplayers, once cheerful and energetic, turned into a mechanical chore? Or maybe you are an avid fan of Scythe but your 7-year-old keeps whining into your ear “Lemme play, lemme play!” every time you set up the game? If your answer is “yes” to any of said questions, you should not hesitate any longer. Put aside your Ticket for later, leave the Settlers agape, grab the kid and embark on a splendid journey throughout the Kingdom of Pomme using your two Seekers – citizens of neighboring animal states.



Engage your Seekers in diverse activities: deliver goods to the Castle Everfree, earn Power-up tiles, fulfill random quests, make your levels of friendship and strength go through the roof or defeat your enemies in deliciously vicious Pie skirmishes. It’s up to you whether the path your Seekers are going to follow would become more militant and expansive or peaceful and altruistic (yes, a benevolent heart is highly rewarded in the Kingdom of Pomme). But beware, the enemy never sleeps...



My Little Scythe is a definite must-have for every adult who wishes to spend some quality time with his/her offspring, introducing them to a game which teaches decision making and strategic planning. Not to mention loads of fun and joy all of you will surely experience together. It is also a brilliant choice for someone who would like to try out some new family game of a fable-like quality. So is for Scythe connoisseurs, who care for a little chill out session in front of an easier version of their favorite game.



Game Specifics:


Authors: Hoby Chou with daughter Vienna Chou

Number of Players: 1 – 6 Players

Game Time: 45 – 60 minutes

Age: 8 +

Language: Polish



Game Components:


14 Seeker Miniatures ranging in size from 48 to 70 mm

30 Magic Spell Cards

24 Apples

24 Diamonds

16 Power-up Tiles

12 Quest Tokens

12 Quest Cards

8 Personality Cards

7 Pie Tokens

7 Friendship Tokens

7 Base Camp Tokens

7 Action Tokens

6 Player Mats

5 Search Dice

2 Pie Fights Dials

1 Setup Tile

1 Achievement Sheet

1 Painting Guide

3-piece custom Game Trayz insert

Rulebooks for both multiplayer and solo play

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