Twilight Struggle

Twilight Struggle

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Twilight Struggle


The iron curtain has descended across the continent. This earthshaking state of affairs resulted in one of the most eventful, ambiguous as well as grueling periods in the post-World War II history. It has served as background to almost all historically significant economical turmoils and geopolitical confrontations. Now, you have a splendid opportunity to take the reins of either side of this multifaceted conflict. Rewrite the history with one of the best strategy games ever produced!


A proud holder of the 1st place of the War Games Rank and the 5th overall Best Games ever produced, Twilight Struggle is the crème de la crème of 2-player card-driven strategy games in the likes of Hannibal&Hamilcar and We the People. The game lasts 10 turns which represent the whole of the Cold War period during which two superpowers are to deploy their wittiest strategic approaches and off-the-cuff tactical solutions to gain control over various countries or to play certain action cards – all in the name of attaining Victory Points.


Become the mastermind of tactics and chill your opponent to the bone by your logical prowess. Heat up the whole world by making the Cold War even colder!


Game Specifics:


Authors: Ananda Gupta, Jason Matthews

Number of Players: 2

Game time: 120 – 180 min

Age: 14+

Language: Polish


Game Components:


-1 one-sided 56x89 mm board,

-260 markers,

-110 cards,

-2 d6 dice,

-1 rule book,

-2 player aids.


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