We have received word from one of Successors’ Kickstarter backers that his playing mat is missing three Trans-Mediterranean Sea Paths. We have paused shipping out the mats (but not the games themselves, these are being sent separately) to investigate and deal with this inconvenience.

Since we have found out there are more mats with these three missing Sea Paths, we’re going to send them back to the printers for repair. This will cause some delay, but the playing mats should reach all backers who bought them by the end of August. We’ll be able to provide you with more specific dates once we hear back from the printing house.

Some of you have already received the playing mat. We’ll contact you individually to establish whether your mats have the same defect. If that’s the case we won’t ask you to send the mat back, we’ll ship you a completely new one.

We are very sorry for this inconvenience, and we hope it won’t diminish the joy of discovering all this game has to offer and all the fun you’re going to have playing it.