Golden Classic Returns. New hex and counter wargame in pre-order!

Pre-orders have just opened for a new edition of 1920 by Jaroslaw Flis – mostly unknown to the wargamers in the West, an excellent wargame about a fascinating, yet not widely known conflict, which revolutionised the approach to this type of game by introducing an unprecedented system of unit control lines (not to be confused with zones). This classic game will finally get a proper edition, enriched not only with high quality components and a new thematic graphic design, but also an addition, a rewrite of the rules and new types of units, of which there was already a great variety in the game.

PHALANX, on the occasion of the new release, intends to significantly expand the rich gameplay experience and the extremely interesting conflict, which we will be writing about extensively soon via our social media and scheduled interviews.

Over a quarter of a century ago, a board wargame was released that players passionate about history simply loved, and its innovative approach made it a forerunner of solutions that are still used in game design today. It is finally back in a brand new edition, with revised rules and improvements that bring the classic game up to modern standards.

The graphics and the photos show the work in progress map

What is the game about?


The Great War had exhausted Europe and exposed the decay of imperialist rule. In the west, the guns fell silent, the armistice was suspended, but in the east and north, the next act of the drama was yet to begin. The Red Revolution sensed weakness and set off, rolling westwards like a steamroller, reaping a bloody harvest along the way and spreading promises of liberation, freedom, prosperity and equality to the proletariat. Will the Bolshevik power realise the final solution to the bourgeois and aristocratic question? Or will a daring commander from the newly revived Republic of Poland stand up to the Moloch and achieve something that can only be described as a “Miracle”?

1920 is an asymmetrical game for two players (with a three-player variant). The game simulates the largest military operations of the Polish-Bolshevik War, and players try to gain control of the terrain and optimally manage diverse types of troops in a huge area stretching from Smolensk and Kyiv to Krakow and Warsaw. Victory for either side comes by capturing or holding strategic positions.

Players can learn the game via four short scenarios, being gradually introduced to the game mechanics and quickly able to grasp the accurate concept of lines of control, surprising rail transfers, and morale advantages, and understand the strategic ramifications of the theatre of war. Further rules cover revolutionary mobilization organized by the hated Soviet political police the Cheka, the torn loyalties of the Ukrainians, fighting on both sides of the front, and the formation of the Polish Volunteer Army.

Why should you be interested in the game?

  • the best price only on pre-order;
  • a highly acclaimed game with a new look;
  • unique, clear and meticulously detailed visuals;
  • improved gameplay adapted to modern standards;
  • clear, easy to grasp rules and scenarios, introducing the game step by step;
  • high replayability thanks to a large number of variable and varied scenarios;
  • two-player game with the possibility of expanding the gameplay to three players (module already included in the core game);
  • well-thought-out mechanics, reflecting the strategic and tactical realities of the time;
  • high quality of production.

What are players saying about the previous edition on BGG?


  • I’m convinced that If only GMT published this excellent game it would become an immediate bestseller (czmielon)
  • Great game, while keeping it simple. Easy to learn, historical feel, balanced (Sabratha)
  • The best game about the Polish-Soviet war in my opinion (Petru Rares)
  • Very innovative system with the reserve movement (Jurand)
  • One of the best Polish wargames (Witold Janik)