The old 2014 edition of Race to the Rhine didn’t contain any expansions. Red Ball Express, a mini-expansion that reduces randomness and introduces weather and the much-feared threat of a German counter-offensive, was later released in a separate box.

The new 2022 edition, Keep’em Rolling, not only contains the updated versions of the original Race to the Rhine and Red Ball Express but also two completely new expansions and a solitaire variant for the base game:

Anvil, a modular expansion for the base game taking it to 4 players. The fourth player takes on the role of Generals Jacob L. Devers and Alexander M. Patch, commanders of the Allied landing operation and invasion of Provence in Southern France in the late summer of 1944. He has to face new challenges and threats, including the withdrawal of undermanned and underequipped but still very formidable German Army Group G and the alteration of operational goals with the joint Franco-American liberation of Alsace in mind. The module also contains new intermediate goals for the three original commanders.

These Are My Credentials, an independent solo game played on a separate board. The player takes on the role of General Troy Middleton, commander of the U.S. VIII Corps. His race is not to the Rhine, but to the ports of Brittany, to capture them before Germans can fortify their positions and destroy the harbor facilities. Heavily fortified cities of Brest, Lorient, Saint-Malo, and Saint Nazaire will not be easy to overcome, and the mobile and dangerous German Kampfgruppe won’t just stand idly in the face of an American advance into Brittany. Fortunately, the French Resistance is nearby to render its assistance.

OB West, a bot-based solitaire variant for the base game that reacts to player actions, posing a challenge to even the most skilled players.