Make Games Happen

The Make Games Happen program allows you to register your interest in a particular game, so that we will know if there are enough people who want that game to be produced. The moment we reach the predetermined number of backers (usually 200, 250 or 300), we will start the full production and development of the game, including the finalization of the graphic design.

The Make Games Happen program is a unique way of supporting the production of games which would otherwise be difficult to publish either because of their unusual setting or approach to the subject or a relatively unknown designer. The MGH program features both our own in-house projects and the projects of other promising designers, some of them debutants.

And while the Make Games Happen program is a form of a preorder, you can cancel it at any time – your card won’t be charged until the game is 100% finished and ready to be sent to the printers. You’ll be informed of every step of the process, so that at any given point you can make an informed decision as to whether you still want to preorder that game.