It’s your last chance to secure a copy of the Nanty Narking Deluxe Miniature Set via preorder! And if you have already preordered the set, your card will be charged on February 10 (Thursday). A day later the miniature sets will be shipped out from our warehouse.

Nanty Narking Deluxe Miniature Set is a set of 91 finely detailed high-quality miniatures (each in a 28 mm scale) designed to visually upgrade any language copy of the Nanty Narking Retail Edition by having the cardboard standees replaced by miniatures. The minis will enrich the Victorian underworld theme of the game, and each mini is a uniquely sculpted work of art representing characters, outfits, and buildings that will surely bring your game to a whole new level!

Note: this is an expansion, NOT a standalone game.