Last weekend (30.7.-1.08), PHALANX took part in the UK Games Expo, the 14th edition of the largest Hobby Games Convention in the United Kingdom. While the restrictions imposed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic cut the number of both exhibitors and attendees in half compared to the previous years, the event was a welcome return to live conventions and tabletop gaming.

Throughout the entire event we were demonstrating five of our games, either our newest titles or titles which are going to be released in the near future. Nanty Narking and Rocketmen, two of PHALANX’s Martin Wallace’s games, proved to be particularly popular with players and the tables featuring these games were almost constantly occupied (if not outright besieged!).

Successors, which are currently being shipped to Kickstarter backers, also garnered a lot of interest, but it was Bretwalda – our as of yet unannounced area control game set in the 8th century – that stole the attention of most of the visitors with its stunning visuals and a beautiful game board.

You can watch a short video showcasing our convention booth and these five games right here. Each game is presented separately and explained in a few short sentences, so it’s a great way to learn something about each of our newest and upcoming games.