Due to unforeseen commercial issues we unfortunately have had to remove UBOOT: The Board Game from our forthcoming WW2 Games Redux Kickstarter campaign. We apologize to those of you that had planned to pledge for the game.

The campaign will now focus solely on Keep’em Rolling to the Rhine, our new edition of 1944: Race to the Rhine that comes with:

1944: Race to the Rhine – an updated version of our 2014 game with new components and artwork.

Anvil – a modular expansion for the base game taking it to 4 players. The 4th player takes command of the Allied landing operation and invasion of Provence in Southern France in the late summer of 1944. 

These Are My Credentials – a standalone solitaire game played on a separate board. The race is not to the Rhine, but to the ports of Brittany, to capture them before Germans can fortify their positions and destroy the harbor facilities. 

OB West – a bot-based solitaire variant for the base game and Anvil that reacts to player actions, posing a challenge to even the most skilled players. 

Red Ball Express – a modular variant for the base game that reduces randomness and introduces weather and the much-feared threat of a German counter-offensive. 

The campaign’s launch date will be moved back two days to 6th April, 6pm CET. The campaign page on Kickstarter is here.