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As usual, I hope this newsletter will find you in excellent health, for this is what’s most important in life – though games come as a close second, right? 😉 Regardless of the importance of games in your lives, we at PHALANX are here to provide you with the best games, games of highest quality and replayability. And that’s what I’ll be talking about in this newsletter.

I’ll start with the project we’re focusing all our efforts on – and when I say “all”, I almost literally mean “all”; there’s little time left for anything else. That’s how important Coalitions is to us. We’re unveiling new expansions, new artwork and new bonuses for our Kickstarter campaign and we aim to deliver to you the best game possible. I certainly hope you’re going to like the finished game!

This newsletter doesn’t just deal with Coalitions, of course, and that’s why I said “almost” 😉 You’ll learn a bit more about the status of our previous Kickstarter projects as well as our Make Games Happen preorder program. There’s also a bit of work-in-progress and a couple of interesting news. And at the end you’ll get to know if you’re the best quiz-taker or the luckiest of all newsletter recipients, and you’ll also learn what I’ve prepared for our newest, July quiz. So read on and take care!

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We are currently hard at work on Coalitions, the diplomatic & area control board game set in the age of Revolution and Napoleon which has just hit the Kickstarter campaign’s halfway point! The game has already been funded a while back, but that hardly means there’s no more excitement to follow – in fact, with almost two weeks of daily bonuses left you’ll be plenty excited!

But that’s the future. Let’s take a look at the present, that is to say: all the goodies and freebies we’ve unlocked and revealed in the last two weeks. Let’s start with what every backer of the core game of Coalitions will get completely for free:

– Ancien Regime Expansion (a large expansion based on the Seven Years’ War)

– Soldiers of Fortune Expansion (non-aligned generals)

– Levee En Masse Expansion (an alternate new solo mode)

– Fortresses Expansion (new tokens and rules for fortresses)

– Diplomacy Markers (Kickstarter Exclusive; they’ll never be available in retail)

– Custom meeples (each nation has its own meeple design)

– Extra scenarios (1809 & 1812)

That’s a lot! But with each pledge you can also buy a variety of add-ons, including:

 – Raison d’Etat Expansion (standalone game set in the 17th century Europe)

– Giant Mat (1260×860 mm & double-sided)

– Fortresses Expansion Miniature Set (Deluxe Pledge backers get one set for free!)

– Deluxe Miniature Set (for those backers who want to enhance the Group Pledge or simply add another set to their collections)

– Cardholders

– Metal Coins

Coalitions, a review by Candice Harris


Coalitions really is all the things we’ve mentioned in the Kickstarter campaign and on social media – a great game with no downtime, with a lot of things to do, simple yet elegant rules and engaging diplomatic interplay. But you don’t have to believe us, believe those, who’ve already played the game.

That said, I’d like to share with you a few excerpts from an excellent review by Candice Harris from BoardGameGeek:

“Between the shifting alliances in the Political phase, negotiations from the movement activation system and within coalitions, and the simultaneous gameplay driven by the Wheel of War rondel, Coalitions felt engaging, suspenseful, and fun. There will be multiple scenarios and expansions added as well, so I doubt this game will get stale.”

“There are tons of strategic choices to be made throughout the game depending on how you position yourself and work with or without allies. You can plan ahead, but you need to always be prepared to shift your plans as the board state evolves turn after turn, and your allies change over the course of the game. This keeps players engaged and on their toes just about every minute of the game.”

“I also thoroughly enjoyed the suspense the battle cards added to combat in Coalitions. When playing battle cards, you can tell how many cards your opponent has, and even how many they can actually play, but since battle cards are committed face down, you never know for sure what your opponents are up to. They could go heavy and allocate all their highest strength cards or perhaps they’re not that invested in this particular battle, so they’ll bluff and toss in their weakest cards just to drive you to burn more of your good stuff. It can be a real mind twist, but the suspense is thrilling.”

“Coalitions never felt slow or boring. The game flows well and moves along keeping everyone’s attention from taking actions simultaneously and supporting allies in battles. (…) If you’re interested in a game that features innovative mechanisms, minimal downtime from simultaneous gameplay, and maximum player interaction from area control and interesting negotiations, I definitely recommend checking out Coalitions.”

If you want to read the entire review, here’s a link – but be warned, you’ll learn more about the game than you could ever think possible!




I’m extremely glad to report the Successors are still on their schedule! The printing of the paper components of the English version of the game goes very well and the assembly process has started a while ago. The date we’ve set for the beginning of shipping therefore remains the same as previously anticipated, the first half of July. The printing of all non-English versions will happen at a later date.

And here you have a little photo of one of the first copies of the game. This is really happening!

1941: Race to Moscow

The container ship carrying the plastic components of 1941: Race to Moscow is due to reach us at the end of July and if it arrives on time, the printing process will begin somewhere in mid-August. Then we’ll just have to wait for drying and assembly, which will take about 30-40 days. Barring any delays, we estimate the shipping process will begin in October.

Our development team has made every effort to ensure that 1941: Race to Moscow meets all the requirements of an excellent and challenging game, and as compensation for the extended waiting time we’ve prepared for you an updated map designed specifically for the new solo mode! That’s the least we could do to offset the waiting you still have to endure.



Brass: Birmingham goes digital

Award-winning and BoardGameGeek-favorite Brass: Birmingham, a masterpiece by Martin Wallace, is finally in the digital realm. The Steam Early Access for the game begun on June 28!

Lead your fast-growing business enterprise, build and develop new industries, multiply your income and don’t get distracted by your rivals. Brass: Birmingham is one of the best board games in history and if you haven’t had a chance to experience it, now is the perfect time to do so – the Industrial Revolution awaits you!

Since this is an Early Access, the game is constantly being updated.


Fire in the Sky in troubled waters

Last week we were supposed to start shipping Fire in the Sky to everyone who preordered it. However, when we received production photos straight from the printing house we discovered that the entire run of the game boards had been slightly, but visibly damaged (you can see it in the photo below). We can’t in good conscience assemble any game, let alone one you’ve been so patiently waiting for, unless all the components are of absolutely top quality.

All other components have been printed and are ready for assembly, but the game boards are currently being printed again. Fortunately, this time the delay won’t prove to be a long one and our shipping timetable has only been pushed back to early July. Nevertheless, we’re extremely sorry for the additional delay, especially since we were so eager to show you the final effects of our hard work.



Pursuit of Victory WIP board & counters

This time I won’t say much, I’ll just leave this image right here… After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? And this time you can see it up close!


Rocketmen and Nanty Narking are available in store

Rocketmen, one of the latest Martin Wallace’s creations, is a highly innovative deck-building game with an immersive gameplay and thrilling, dynamic flow – and it’s available in our store in English, German and Polish language editions.

The same is true for Nanty Narking, though it’s not just available in English, German and Polish but also in French. So dive into the literary world of Dickens and Conan Doyle and submerge in the amazing atmosphere of Victorian London in this area control game full of intrigue and intense cardplay for 2-4 players.

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The image below represents the current and projected status of our games as of July 2021. The empty space in a column indicates that a game has not reached or it is not expected to reach that status this month – with the exception of KS/preorder/MGH columns explained at the bottom of this section.

Most of our games follow a standard production route. After being designed, a game goes through initial development and graphic design. These two steps are rarely fully completed at this point since we can’t be 100% certain if the game is going to be produced – that depends on you! The game is set for either 1) Kickstarter, 2) traditional preorder or 3) Make Games Happen program. If it’s funded on Kickstarter or through MGH, its graphic design and development gets finished and it goes into preproduction. If there are plastic miniatures involved, they get produced in China and eventually shipped to Poland where the printing and the assembly process happens. The last step is shipping, first to backers then to stores.

Note: each of our games can either be in a column or columns marked as Kickstarter & Late Pledge/Preorder (every KS project eventually reaches the Late Pledge Status and some games can simply be available in Preorder) or in a column marked as Make Games Happen, never both. How the Make Games Happen program works is explained in a section directly under this image.



How does it work?

What is that, you may ask. Weren’t these games offered as a preorder? Yes, they were and yes, they still are. But a lot has changed since the last newsletter, at least from your perspective.

To clear up a lot of misunderstandings about how our P200, P250 and P300 preorders work we’ve decided to rename the whole program as Make Games Happen. And this is how it works:

The Make Games Happen program allows you to register your interest in a particular game, so that we will know if there are enough people who want that game to be produced. The moment we reach the designated number of backers (be it 200, 250 or 300), we will start the full production and development of the game, including the finalization of the graphic design. It’s that simple!

And while this is still a form of a preorder, you can cancel it at any time – your card won’t be charged until the game is 100% finished and ready to be sent to the printers. And you’ll be informed of every step of the process, of course.

Pursuit of Victory

It’s a two-player wargame encapsulating the most important themes and elements of military and diplomatic realities of the Napoleonic Wars, from 1805 to 1814. Both players simultaneously play two out of 10 unique cards, one for initiative, the other one for an action or actions, usually movement, political realignment and recruitment. These cards are then “locked” and unavailable for two turns. The game is filled with tension & tough decisions, but it only takes around 120-150 minutes to play it – it’s perfect for a short evening!

Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud

It’s a quick and easy to learn two-player strategic game simulating the Eastern Front of World War II. Poland and France have fallen, Greece and Norway have surrendered and Yugoslavia is no more… Now it’s time for the Soviet Union to suffer the same grim fate. Will the vaunted German blitzkrieg prove its invincibility once again? Or will the Soviet Union endure the onslaught long enough to rebuild its might and push back the enemy? The fate of the war is in your hands!

El Rey Planeta

It’s a fast-paced event-driven strategy game for 1-2 players who need to skillfully navigate the troubled waters of global politics, economy and conflicts while trying to manage the complicated affairs of court and heart of El Rey Planeta, the Planet King – Philip IV of Spain. The game is played on a map representing Europe and Spanish-Portuguese colonies and can take from 2 to 6 hours depending on the scenario. El Rey Planeta can be played solo, cooperatively or semi-cooperatively, all with an aim of surpassing the historical result achieved by King Philip IV.


It’s an exciting hex-and-counter wargame for two players (with a three-player variant) simulating the largest military operations of Polish-Soviet War. Players try to capture or hold strategic positions and optimally manage diverse types of troops in a huge area stretching from Smolensk and Kyiv to Krakow and Warsaw. Will the Red Army prevail and bring happiness and peace to the German and French working classes or will the Poles pull off a magnificent victory one can only describe as a ‘miracle’?


It’s a siege game, a test of will, endurance and tactics between the besieged freedom fighters and the besieging imperial forces, who have come to crush the rebellion. This universal contest is presented through a dramatic history of the third siege of a Greek Holy City (Messolonghi) by Ottoman forces during the Greek War of Independence. The battle takes place on two maps: one showing the actual city and the forces involved in the siege, and the other one depicting the surrounding areas, highlighting the support that each of them provides to both players.



Each month you’ll find a new game/history-related quiz on our website, and each time the winner of the quiz will receive a €100 prize to spend in our store. In June, the quiz was all about Coalitions and the historical era it’s covering, the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. I’m very pleased to announce that the winner of the Coalitions quiz is… Samuel Boucke! Congratulations!

Since July is the month we’ll finally start shipping Fire in the Sky: The Great Pacific War 1941-1945, it’s only fitting that July’s quiz should have something to do with this wonderful game and history which it so magnificently portrays and simulates. This time you don’t have to worry about literature or movies (no Michael Bay or Ridley Scott, sorry… or not sorry, depending on the point of view), the quiz is non-fiction and, to a small degree, Fire in the Sky/PHALANX-related 😉

You’ll find the quiz in English here, and in Polish right here.

The time has come for our lucky newsletter subscriber. Each month we randomly draw one e-mail from among the newest newsletter subscribers and the person using it receives a special prize (to be more specific, one of our games). And so the June Newsletter Award goes to… Don Levick! Congratulations! Please contact us via marketing@phalanxgames.co.uk to receive the award.