Phalanx Preorder

Dear Clients and Fans of Phalanx.

We are kicking off with Fire in the Sky preorders

We would like to publish another game which tends to attract your attention significantly as shown by the BGG ranking.


Why preorder?

In general, our main goal of this project is to meet demands of the market which is still hungry for high-end war games offering sound gameplay as well as marvelous opportunity to prove oneself as a prime strategist and tactical mastermind. One of the most crucial factors of the following project is achieving stability in our cash flow. To publish a board game is a several-step task consisting of conceptualization, development, testing, printing, packing and distributing the final product to you – the people who make it possible by funding the game in the form of a preorder.

We greatly value each and every chance to engage ourselves in dialogue with our customers. Exchanging ideas about game mechanics as well as gaining other types of creative feedback is priceless. It also enables you to play an active part in game development and experience hands-on approach in shaping the final product. Cutting to the chase – you participate in the creation of a game and have a decisive voice in making it real right from the beginning.

How Preorder works?

Step 1 – Collecting preorders – Whether or not the game will be published depends entirely on you. We are going to carry on with the next development stage if and only if we receive at least 400 preorders.

Step 2 – Final development – After collecting 400 preorders, we are going to begin Development – the stage of finalizing graphic design is going to last 60 days. This is the time during which we are planning to receive preorders and offer Fire in the Sky in such an affordable price.

You will be able to preorder the game at a bargain price until Game development ends and before the Credit cards charge commences.

Step 3 – Credit cards charge – As soon as we announce that all the game files have been approved and the game itself is ready to print with the date of actual printing confirmed, only then do we charge your credit cards to fund the game production. We are going to release an official date of collecting money in advance.

Step 4 – Game production – The whole production of the game is going to take us 60 days.

Step 5 – Logistics – The next step is logistics. Shipment and delivery to all our supporters who preordered the game and have been successfully charged is planned to end in no more than 30 days after the development step will have finished.

The number of those who have already preordered the game along with the ongoing game developing step and progress is going to be posted and updated regularly on the top of the product card.

Fire in the Sky is going to reach you within 3 months from the day your cards have been charged.


Liability for additional shipping costs

By supporting this project you agree that our primary responsibility to you is to ship your order as entered into the pledge management system. You are responsible for import or other duties that may be payable to relevant tax authorities. You also accept that you are fully liable for incorrect shipping details and will risk your pledge being undeliverable or lost in transit. We are unable to ship to PO Boxes. We allow a maximum of one delivery location per backer, regardless of the number of pledges /copies ordered.

Please note that geopolitical events not under our control, such as Brexit and the imposition of new tariffs on the access of goods to a country, may change the terms we offer to residents of such countries, even if we guarantee we will do our best to avoid such issues.
If you do not accept the proposed terms, then please do not preorder Fire in the Sky; wait for the retail release.

We hope you will find above information exhaustive and helpful. We trust that it would also serve as an indicator which games you would like us to publish. Should you have any questions about the project, write to us:

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