We have just opened the preorders for the second printing of Hannibal & Hamilcar Upgrade Pack! The pack will contain all the components necessary to upgrade the first (2018) edition of Hannibal & Hamilcar: Rome vs Carthage to the Golden Geek Edition level.

The Hannibal & Hamilcar Upgrade Pack will go into pre-production and consequently printing when we reach 300 preorders.


Upgrade Pack Components:

– Additional set of custom Hannibal & Hamilcar dice, smaller than the original ones for ease of handling and rolling.

– Much larger game box able to hold all the game components, including the sleeved cards and the two expansions.

– Entirely rewritten rules for Hamilcar (more details below) with a separate rulebook for Hamilcar.

– Additional Strategy Cards allowing you to create a dedicated Hamilcar Strategy Card deck and Generals Card pool.

– New Naval Tactic Cards for quick and bloody naval battles.

– Map patches for the original Hamilcar side of the game board to conform to the rewritten Hamilcar rulebook.

– Rewritten Hannibal rulebook.

– Additional Strategy Cards allowing you to create a dedicated Hannibal Strategy Card deck and Generals Card pool.

– New Scenario Book for Hannibal, updated to conform to the rewritten rulebook.

– Two updated double-sided player aids.


Key changes made to Hamilcar:

– A new Mare Tyrrhenum concept was introduced, with shorter but more dangerous open sea lanes and a new Politically Significant area connected with controlling ports.

– Naval movement was adjusted, and only one leg of naval movement is allowed in every activation.

– The maximum number of warships in a fleet was lowered to 5 to combat the often-seen psychological tendency to use either large or full fleets of 10 warships or none at all.

– Naval Interception must now be plotted as a counter-move, but it also allows for regrouping intercepting forces if the resulting battle is won.

– Naval Battles are now shorter and limited to 3 rounds only. Land Battles are dice-driven (but if players agree, they may still use the card system from Hannibal).

– The Siege rules were adjusted, and the number of siege points required to conquer a city was reduced to two instead of three.

– The Cruel Sea and Good Omen events were significantly changed, and several Strategy cards were updated or corrected. There is also a new set of Tactic Cards for Naval Battles.

– The game setup was modified to allow more opening strategies.


Note: this is an upgrade pack to the existing game, NOT a standalone game. The second print of the Upgrade Pack is identical to the first print, save for the color of the inside of the box (it will no longer be black).