1-7 players

60-240 min.

Age: 14+

Designers: Andrew Rourke & Waldek Gumienny

Status: Preorder
Editions: DE , EN , FR , PL



Europe is in turmoil! The emerging Prussian Kingdom under Frederick the Great moves to expand and consolidate its power at the cost of Austria while the Franco-British struggle for global primacy has already engulfed Spain and leads both nations to seek new allies on the Old Continent. Will Russia and the Ottoman Empire, two seemingly disinterested parties, continue to watch from afar or will they join in this struggle for the dominance of Europe?

Ancien Régime is a major expansion for Coalitions, a  game of negotiation and alliance-building for control of Europe. It comes with a new distinct game board, a 7th playable nation (Spain), and a variety of new components and mechanisms. This is not a standalone expansion; it requires some components from the Coalitions core game.

Up to 7 players engage in an exciting area control game of shifting alliances and coalitions, of intense back-stabbing diplomacy and bold military actions set in an era defined by the immense Seven Years’ War. 

Like in the Coalitions core game, the Ancien Régime Expansion uses the Wheel of War mechanic to make downtime non-existent, while the innovative Activator system introduces a new level of dynamic interactions between the players.