1-7 players

60-240 min.

Age: 14+

Designers: Andrew Rourke & Waldek Gumienny

Status: Preorder
Editions: DE , EN , FR , PL



Europe is in turmoil! The fire of the Protestant Reformation has engulfed Central Europe, while the nascent Swedish Empire battles with the vast, populous and battle-ready  Poland over the supremacy in the East and the Baltic Sea. Will the Holy Roman Emperor remain on his throne? Which side of this enormous conflict will the nations of Europe choose? And will Poland survive the Swedish deluge?

Raison d’Etat is a board game for 1-7 players. It is a standalone expansion for Coalitions, with its own distinct game board and seven playable nations (Poland, Sweden, Britain, France, Spain, Austria, and the Ottoman Empire) included in the box. Unlike other expansions for Coalitions, you do not need the base game of Coalitions to play Raison d’Etat. It comes with all the components, rules and scenarios necessary to play.

Players engage in an exciting area control game of shifting alliances and coalitions, of intense back-stabbing, diplomacy and bold military actions set in an era defined by the upheaval of the Thirty Years’ War and the Polish-Swedish Wars. As in the Coalitions’ core game, Raison d’Etat’s uses the Wheel of War mechanic to virtually eliminate downtime, while the innovative Activator system introduces a new level of dynamic interactions between the players.