1-2 players

120-360 min.

Age: 14+

Designer: Ivan Notario

Now: €39.00 MSRP: €60.00

Status: Make Games Happen
Editions: EN , ES



On March 31, 1621 Felipe Domingo Víctor de la Cruz ascended the throne of Spain and became the ruler of a vast empire stretching from the Americas in the west to the East Indies in the east and including Portugal, the Netherlands, half of Italy and numerous small overseas colonies. His 44-year long reign was marked by a steep political decline of the monarchy, frequent unrests and several major conflicts, including the Thirty and Eighty Years’ Wars. Surprisingly, this era of perpetual crises also produced a Golden Age of Hispanic arts and literature with geniuses such as Velázquez, de Vega, Rivera or Quevedo leading an entire generation of great artists.

El Rey Planeta is a game for 1 to 2 players depicting the times and deeds of King Philip IV of Spain, or the Planet King, as he was nicknamed by his contemporaries. Players take on the roles of Philip IV and his Favorite (Valid), a man of trust who often assumed the powers of the king and acted as a true head of state. They have to guide the Spanish Empire through troubled waters of geopolitical struggle, turn the king’s court into a splendid center of culture and arts, and… satisfy the king’s most intimate desires, including the need to perpetuate the Habsburg dynasty with a male heir! While managing the affairs of state and monarchy, both the King and his Favorite are trying to secure their own legacies.

In solitaire mode the player handles the entirety of Spain’s and monarchy’s interest as Philip IV himself and tries to improve the historical result by acquiring Victory Points. In the semi-cooperative mode the King has control over his own affairs and political actions, while the Favorite manages the government, all the various Spanish wars and the exploration of new territories. The game is guided by a deck of event cards and uses three types of character cards: nobles (politicians and military leaders), geniuses (artists) and ladies (queens or aspiring queens, court ladies or concubines). Each turn represents between 3 and 6 years of real time and the entire campaign lasts 8 turns.


  • card driven
  • card draffting
  • cooperative
  • area movement
  • solo game