Help make Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud HAPPEN!


Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud is an exciting and fast-paced new 2-player game set in the Eastern Front of WW2. We need your help to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

With a playtime of just 60 to 90 minutes, the game covers the historic Axis invasion of the Soviet Union in summer 1941 through to the ultimate Soviet rout of Axis forces back westwards across the Vistula by the end of 1944. 

But do I really need this game, you may ask? 


  • Great introductory-level game The rules and playtime for Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud are short enough that it makes for a great entry-level game for the Eastern Front, and wargaming more generally.
  • Depth & replayability With multiple strategies for victory, none of which are easy, the game has the depth and replayability to appeal to even the most seasoned wargamers.
  • Innovative mechanics Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud does things a bit differently. Dynamic movement through Convoying and Blitzing. Major seasonal weather effects (“Snow & Mud”). And Soviet Partisans that snarl up Axis supply lines.
  • Low price The game is available to pre-order for just €22.
  • Stand out art & components Crisp artwork and a map with large hexes and evocative shading and terrain make it stand apart from your normal hex and counter fare.
But don’t just take our word for it.

Let’s first hear from David Thompson, a designer who knows a thing or two about making great low complexity wargames.

Iron Blood Snow & Mud is one of my most-anticipated games. Ever since I first tested the game back in 2020, I knew it needed to be published. It’s a brilliantly elegant design with simple rules, and exciting depth of play.” ~ David Thompson, designer of Undaunted Normandy

And here’s a video from David where he talks a bit more about why he’s so excited to see Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud be published.

Next up is Ricardo Massini, a stalwart of the Italian wargaming scene and a famous reviewer who many of you will be familiar with. He’s another fan of the game who can’t wait to see it come out.





Finally, if you want to see what all the fuss is actually about, here you can see a playthrough of the game hosted by Fred Serval on his Homo Ludens channel, where he also discusses some of the background to the game with one of its developers.

Convinced? The next step is to click on the pre-order button below.

Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud is being made available through PHALANX’s Make Games Happen program. This is a pre-order program whereby we publish a game once it has reached a sufficient number of pre-orders. Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud already has over 200 pre-orders. But we need a few more to help us fund the printing of this game. The sooner we can get enough pre-orders, the quicker we can send it to the manufacturer.

Everything is ready to go, we just need you to help MAKE IT HAPPEN.