2 players

60-90 min.

Age: 14+

Designer: Guglielmo Duccoli

Status: Make Games Happen
Editions: EN



Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud is a quick and easy to learn two-player hex and counter strategic game simulating the Eastern Front of World War II. Poland and France have fallen, Greece and Norway have surrendered and Yugoslavia is no more… Now it’s time for the Soviet Union to suffer the same grim fate. Will the vaunted German blitzkrieg prove its invincibility once again? Or will the Soviet Union endure the onslaught long enough to rebuild its might and push back the enemy? The fate of the war is in your hands!

Lead the combat-hardened forces of Wehrmacht through mud and snow and unimaginably vast territories of the enemy, all the while trying to protect your overstretched supply lines. Or take control of initially outnumbered, but slowly building its might Soviet Red Army, hamper the lighting quick panzer attacks, harass the enemy’s supply lines with your partisans and bide your time for a bloody and devastating counteroffensive. This is the war of iron, blood, snow and mud

Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud is both asymmetrical in its overall design and simple yet surprisingly unique in its approach to the Eastern Front. The game is played over the course of four years, each consisting of three markedly different seasons, two of which – the aptly named Mud and Snow – inhibit the use of some actions and units. The movement and its range is predicated on the current season, unit type and the ability to create and maintain a chain of units. The Germans have to either hold a set of objectives by the end of 1944… or capture the Soviet leader, Stalin himself. The Soviets too can achieve a sudden victory, but only if they manage to seize one of three initially German-held cities.


  • area control

  • dice rolling

  • hexagon grid

  • simulation

  • variable player powers