2-4 players

60 min.

Age: 14+

Designer: Martin Wallace

MSRP: €90

Status: Out of print
Editions: DE , EN , ES , FR , PL


Immersed deeply in the world of Dickens’s and Doyle’s literature, Nanty Narking moves you into the realities of the myths and legends of the Victorian era. The events in the game are tied to real and fictional characters and places in Victorian London The same London which inspired so many stories…

The action takes place on the city map, with players placing their agents and buildings on the board through card play. Every card is unique. The cards bring the game to life as they include most of the famous characters who have appeared in the various books. The rules are relatively simple: Play a card and do what it says. Most cards have more than one action on them, and you can choose to do some or all of these actions. Some cards also allow you to play a second card, so you can chain actions.

At the beginning of the game, each player draws a secret personality with specific victory conditions, which means that you can never be sure what the other players need to do in order to win. You need to fulfill your goal while also trying to prevent others from winning!


Lord Balmoral’s diary:

24th October 1894 (late afternoon)

Raindrops have been drumming irregular rhythms upon the windowpanes ceaselessly for over two days. The sky, heavily tumescent with lead-coloured clouds, bears an uncanny resemblance to the ceiling trap whose only intent is to form an infernal miasma with the pea soup fog, both of which are surely going to provide us all with a prolonged throe of asphyxiation one day.

I have installed myself in an armchair and am poised in a debonair manner of a self-controlled man, who ought not to reveal how much his assumed disposition deviates from his outward appearance. Impeccably equivocal, only my fingers betray me, unwittingly reenacting the tapping sounds of the rain. James should be back with the money any minute now. If only I had foreseen that old Blackwood would exhibit such a despicable indolence, I would have never taken the liberty of accepting this accursed promissory note. So many days utterly wasted… How many times pitiful bureaucrats and pencil pushers forced me to play paper chase with them! How many sleepless nights have I suffered by reason of some shady individuals and East End cutthroats, who must have been deliberately ordained by some crook, wretch, or a regular scoundrel to torment me, God only knows out of what reason indeed! I know, to lay his filthy rapacious hands on this townhouse in Holborn towards which I have been undertaking audacious steps for over three months – to acquire it, that is. Thank heavens by next Monday all will have been taken care of, for I have an appointment with my notary at the bank on Garrick Street to settle the matter once and for all. Finally, I will breathe a sigh of relief! I am praying that James will come back with the total amount due… Recently, he was dogged by a man donned in a sporty jacket who walked a sighthound on a leash. Many a time have I seen him strolling in front of my apartment, casting surreptitious glances over my windows from under his flat cap or standing at the corner of the street, allegedly engaging himself in a courteous prattle with a flower peddler, when in fact he kept a close eye on the front entrance of my house.

And the cadaver of a Whitechapel harlot which has been found near the docks two days ago?! The whole city is buzzing with rumors that this appalling crime is a comeback message either by no other than Jack The Ripper himself or his abominable copycat. As for now Scotland Yard has been as silent as the grave and refrained from releasing any official statement. However, every cloud has a silver lining – East End is lying doggo now. Come to think of it, not so long ago bobbies had their hands full dealing with the aftermath of a flood which had deluged some of the eastern boroughs of the city and had been completely neglected by the authorities. What ensued was a series of riots which stirred up East End rather badly. Although the old saying goes “it never rains but it pours,” the other one would be much more applicable here, I believe. Frankly, the fish rots from the head down, so…oh, the door downstairs has just slammed! It must be James…


Game Components:

  • 48 plastic agent miniatures;
  • 24 plastic building miniatures in four different colors;
  • 12 plastic trouble markers;
  • 4 plastic grenadier miniatures;
  • 3 plastic immigrant miniatures;
  • 101 action cards;
  • 12 random event cards;
  • 12 district cards;
  • 7 identity cards;
  • 10 identity cards (for an alternate gameplay);
  • 12 agent cards (for an alternate gameplay);
  • 6 building cards (for an alternate gameplay);
  • 50 coins;
  • 4 player help sheets;
  • board;
  • rulebook;
  • 1 d12 die.

Game Specifics:

Author: Martin Wallace

Number of players: 2 – 4

Game time: 60 +

Age: 14 +

Languages: Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian



  • area control
  • dice rolling
  • events
  • hand management
  • hidden roles

How to Play