2-4 players

60 min.

Age: 14+

MSRP: €45

Status: Released games
Editions: DE , EN , FR , PL


This is NOT a standalone game

Enhance your Nanty Narking experience with this unique set of beautiful miniatures designed to evoke the illustrious atmosphere of Victorian London. This set contains finely detailed high-quality miniatures with distinctive models of agents and buildings for all players.

91 miniatures, each in 28 mm scale – 12 agents and 6 buildings for each of the four players, and miniatures for 4 Grenadiers and 3 New Citizens.

Why do you absolutely need it?

– The miniatures will enrich the Victorian theme of the game

– Each miniature in a set is a uniquely sculpted work of art

– You’ll visually upgrade the game to a whole new level

– Meticulously crafted characters, outfits and buildings will bring your game to life

– The miniatures are just stunningly beautiful