2-5 players

90 min.

Age: 10+

Designers: Jaro Andruszkiewicz & Waldek Gumienny

MSRP: €40

Status: Released games
Editions: EN , ES , PL



The MAGNATES: A Game of Power is a highly interactive, fast-paced strategic board game for 2-5 players, filled with historical atmosphere. The game allows you to dive into the world of the aristocratic intrigue and struggle for power which tore the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from its heyday during the Union of Lublin until its fall from the hands of the Targowica Confederation.

Players take on the roles of magnates who seek to develop their own family’s power in a moment favorable to fortune: the prime of the Union of Poland and Lithuania. The most eminent families fight for prestige and landed estates: the Lubomirski, the Potocki, the Radziwiłł, the Sapieha and the Zamoyski.

Each player has a deck of cards depicting famous figures from a given family, some of them being  outstanding characters, capable of great deeds. But, there are also the infamous ones, able to spoil any undertaking you entrust them with… unless, with your planning, even those ones could gain glory for the family.

During the game, players will manage their deck of characters so that, in competition with others, they can achieve as much as possible on each of the planes of life of the Commonwealth. Players will clash during the creation of the state’s internal policy, as well as in response to external threats and opportunities arising from the international situation. And so, as it happened in reality, the fate of the country will be the result of the sum of the actions of the most powerful aristocratic families. If the players lose themselves in a mutual fight for titles and advantage, the Commonwealth will collapse under the pressure of the neighboring powers.

In MAGNATES, players will face many dilemmas. The most prominent members of the family will ensure beneficial rights in the Sejm and prestigious positions in the Senate. Moreover, they comply with the Monarch’s will easily, and thanks to them the family will gain estates and power. But how will a player handle the remaining challenges? Who will undertake an expedition to Livonia? Will the troops protecting the country against an enemy invasion, in the absence of other candidates, be again led by incompetents (like “Peryna, Latyna and Dytyna”)? Will there be enough determination to hasten to the relief of Vienna? Will the players succeed in saving the Homeland from partitioning?

Is your Family ready for a Game of Power?

Game Components:

  • Rulebook
  • Game board
  • 119 cards (65 Family cards, 4 Senator cards, 25 Privilege cards, 25 Conflict cards)
  • 192 cardboard markers (175 Estates, 12 King markers, 5 Advantage/Dominance markers)
  • 17 wooden pawns (5 Magnates, 5 Silent Sej, 1 Black Cloud, 1 Fortress, 1 Monastery, 1 Palace, 3 Partition)
  • Zip bags and component tray

How to Play