Eight years after its original release, Race to the Rhine, the award-winning logistics-focused euro-style wargame returns with a new edition, Keep’em Rolling – and the Kickstarter campaign featuring it just went live!

Keep’em Rolling is a game for 1-4 players set in the summer and autumn of 1944, during the Allied offensive against German forces occupying France and Benelux countries. It focuses on the logistical aspects of war, supplying units with fuel, ammunition, and food, and then moving them through enemy territory. In the game, you take on the roles of legendary Allied commanders engaged in a dramatic race to be the first one to cross the Rhine, and to essentially change history and win the war before Christmas!

Keep’em Rolling box not only contains the updated version of the original 2014 release of Race to the Rhine and the 2016 Red Ball Express mini-expansion but also two completely new expansions and a brand-new solitaire variant:

– Anvil. A modular expansion for the base game expanding the original 1-3 player game to 1-4 players. The fourth player takes command of the Allied landing operation and invasion of Provence in Southern France in the late summer of 1944.

– These Are My Credentials. A standalone solitaire game played on a separate board. The race is not to the Rhine, but to the ports of Brittany, to capture them before Germans can fortify their positions and destroy the harbor facilities.

– OB West. A bot-based solitaire variant for the base game that reacts to player actions, posing a challenge to even the most skilled players.