Last week, on Wednesday February 23, we used social media to show how our post-Cold War game Europe Divided could be used to simulate the situation in Ukraine and the events leading up to it at a strategic level. This was in line with how we have marketed the game historically, but it was very clearly a mistake on our part. The posts were made a day before the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, and taken down as soon as we realized what was happening. 

On Wednesday we still had high hopes the war would not break out. We should have been much more sensitive to the situation and we should not have made such posts in the first place. We’re deeply sorry. We are all very upset that this has happened. This is all very close to home for us, especially our team in Poland.

Going forward, all the profit we generate from sales of remaining copies of Europe Divided will be donated to Polish Humanitarian Action (pol. Polska Akcja Humanitarna, PAH) to provide direct aid (such as food and medical supplies) to Ukrainian refugees coming to Poland.

The PHALANX team