The shipping process of Successors has been put on hold due to an error in preproduction regarding the Egyptian Fleet token. The token never made it onto a punchboard and since it’s an essential part of the game, we can’t send any more copies of Successors without rectifying that error.

Fortunately, the printing of the missing Aigyptos fleet markers and the reassembly process won’t take more than two weeks. The shipping will resume as soon as the markers are printed and placed in all of the Successors’ boxes. This delay won’t affect the printing and shipment of non-English editions of Successors.

Before we noticed the absence of Egyptian tokens, some of the copies of the game had already been sent. We will send the missing tokens to the people who have received or will receive these incomplete copies as soon as possible.

The reason we are not sending Successors as they are now and then shipping the Aigyptos tokens separately is financial. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to send approximately 2 000 additional packages.

We are extremely sorry for this situation and the resulting delay.