Are you interested in finding out what Purple Haze – our immersive story-creation Vietnam War game for 1-6 players – is truly all about? Then join us on Gamefound, read the mission’s briefing, and take part in our special interactive Purple Haze demo scenario!

Starting next Monday, and continuing each consecutive Monday (with a short holiday break on December 27) until the eve of Purple Haze’s campaign start (January 25), you’ll be tasked with commanding a squad of Marines sent on a security patrol. The scenario will illustrate how the Story Events that form the core of the narrative experience of Purple Haze work.

Each Monday you’ll be faced with a decision that will impact the fate of your squad, a decision that will show if you have what it takes to complete the mission – and survive to tell the tale. You’ll have almost a week to vote on which decision you think the squad leader should take. The next Gamefound update will then present the consequences of the decision that received the most votes.

The scenario will commence December 13 at 1200 hours EST / 1800 hours CET on our Gamefound draft campaign page.

And if you’re interested in seeing how the previous scenario looked like, here’s a whole set of links:


Intro: Recon Patrol Briefing.

Part 1: One hell of a fight.

Part 2: Did we lose ‘em?

Part 3: VC up ahead!

Part 4: The element of surprise.

Part 5: Full metal jacket!

Part 6: Just another day in ‘Nam.