The German edition of Tinners’ Trail is now available for pre-order!

Visit our pre-order page to secure your copy of the German edition of Tinners’ Trail, Martin Wallace’s completely refurbished and upgraded classic for 1-5 players. Set in 19th Century Cornwall, the game puts you at the head of a mining conglomerate. You must buy land, build mines, and wisely invest your money all the time trying to outwit your competitors. The game will be available in November 2021.

This is the second edition of Martin Wallace’s Tinners’ Trail, a game originally published in 2008. It’s not only graphically refurbished but also upgraded from 3-4 players to 1-5 players (it now includes a solo mode!). Some elements of the original game have been changed, and the game now includes two expansions, one dealing with emigration, and another one with a new resource, arsenic.