Tinners’ Trail by Martin Wallace is a completely refurbished, expanded, and upgraded classic for 1-5 players. Set in 19th century Cornwall, the game puts you at the head of a mining conglomerate. You must buy land, build mines, and wisely invest your money all the time trying to outwit your competitors. This edition of Tinners’ Trail comes with two brand new expansions which broaden the thematic aspects of gameplay:

Arsenic Expansion

It adds a new resource: arsenic. Due to the dangers of arsenic poisoning, it is mined at the cost of PERMANENTLY losing work points but it also comes with rich rewards for those who want to invest in it.

Emigration Expansion

In this expansion, you can send your workers overseas to gain ongoing benefits, such as extra income or free improvements.

These expansions require the base game to play and they can also be played alone or combined. They are also compatible with the Lord Wallace solo mode.